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An Introduction to The Legal List

The Legal List is the short name of Erik J. Heels’ book The Legal List, Internet Desk Reference, Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere. First published in 1992, and now in its sixth edition, The Legal List is a consolidated guide to all of the law-related resources available on (and off) the Internet. The Legal List contains descriptions of law-related resources made available on the Internet (via e-mail, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, WWW, WAIS) and off the Internet (via BBSs and commercial online services) by government organizations, law schools, law firms, and corporations (for-profit, nonprofit, and not-for-profit). From 1992 until 1995, Heels self-published The Legal List. As of spring 1995, The Legal List is being published exclusively by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing.

How to Obtain The Legal List

The Legal List is available in paperback and as an ASCII text-only file.

Paperback copies of The Legal List (ISBN 0-7620-000-7, Sixth Edition, 337 pp. with INDEX, 1995) are available for $29.95, plus sales or use tax, plus shipping and handling.

There are three ways to order paperback copies:

  1. CALL your local Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Sales Representative.
  2. PHONE your order to 1-800-254-5274.
  3. FAX your order to 1-800-741-1414.

ASCII text-only copies of v6.0 The Legal List are available via anonymous FTP at