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Contents of:

Translation and the Law: American Translators Association Scholarly Monograph Series, Vol. VIII

   "Introduction" by Marshall Morris, University of Puerto Rico

   "Indeterminacy, translation and the law" by John E. Joseph, University of 
    Hong Kong

   "Understood by all concerned? Anglo/Aboriginal legal translation" by Michael
    Cooke, Batchelor College, Australia

   "Pragmatism, precept and passions: The attitudes of English-language legal
    systems to non-English speakers" by Ruth Morris, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

   "Legal interpreting on trial: A case study" by Timothy Dunnigan and Bruce T.
    Downing, University of Minnesota

   "Just interpreting: Role conflicts and discourse types in court interpreting" 
    by Helge Niska, Stockholm University, Sweden

   "Language in evidence: The pragmatics of translation and the judicial process"
    by Mary Bucholtz, University of California, Berkeley

   "On the horns of a dilemma: Accuracy vs. brevity in the use of legal terms by 
    court interpreters: by Holly Mikkelson, Monterey Institute of International

   "Textual density and the judiciary interpreter's performance" by Janis Palma,
    Society for the Study of Translation and Interpreting

   "Riding the waves of fortune: Translating legislation of the successor Soviet
    republics" by  Cornelia E. Brown, Hamilton College, New York

   "Culture clash: Anglo-American case law and German civil law in translation" 
    by Sylvia A. Smith, North Carolina State University

   "Las siete partidas in America: Problems of cultural transmission in the
    translation of legal signs" by Marilyn Stone, New York University

   "Translating Japanese legal documents into English: A short course" by 
    Vicki L. Beyer, Temple University Law Program,  Japan, and Keld Conradsen, 
    Bond University School of Law, Australia

   "Where the devil meets his grandmother: Iceland and European community 
    legislation" by Keneva Kunz, University of Iceland

   "A new wind of quality from Europe: Implications of the court case cited by 
    Holz-Mnttri for the U. S. translation industry" by Matt Hammond, Monterey 
    Institute of International Studies

   "The legal translator as information broker" by Gerhard Obenaus, University 
    of Iowa

   "The use of translators and interpreters in cases requiring forensic speaker
    identification" by Kate Storey, Monash University,  Australia